Love in Print: The History of Valentine’s Day Cards

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Love in Print: The History of Valentine's Day Cards

Love is in the air, and it’s time to unfold the charming history of Valentine’s Day cards! In a world of emojis and text messages, the tradition of sending heartfelt cards has a rich and fascinating story. As we gear up to celebrate the love-filled day, let’s learn about the evolution of this sweet gesture and discover why custom-printed cards are the perfect modern twist!

The Love Notes Begin

The tradition of exchanging Valentine’s Day cards dates back centuries. It all began in the 18th century when the practice of sending handwritten notes and love letters gained popularity among lovers in England. With advancements in printing technology and a surge in sentimentality, elaborate cards adorned with lace, ribbons, and colorful illustrations became all the rage! These intricately designed cards were often handcrafted with care and served as cherished keepsakes for lovers. These heartfelt expressions of affection paved the way for the modern Valentine’s Day card we know and cherish today!

The Mass Production Era

Time to fast forward to the 19th Century where the Industrial Revolution made printed cards more affordable. This enabled people from all walks of life to participate in this delightful tradition!

Modern Day Valentines

While the tradition of exchanging handwritten Valentine’s cards remains cherished, modern times have provided new avenues for expressions of love! Classrooms buzz with excitement as children exchange colorful cards adorned with beloved cartoon characters and heartfelt messages. In the digital realm, brands seize the opportunity to spread love through virtual greetings and interactive experiences.

Spread Love

Whether you’re celebrating with a significant other, cherished friends, or beloved family members, our custom-printed cards are the perfect way to spread love and joy to those who matter most! From classic designs to unique, one-of-a-kind creations, our print services can help you express your love in style!