Spring Cleaning for Business Signage

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As we welcome the arrival of the spring season and sunshine, consider refreshing your business’s outdoor signage with some spring cleaning! With the brighter days ahead, clean and well-maintained signage not only enhances your storefront’s appearance but also attracts the attention of potential customers. Take advantage of the season to give your signage a professional makeover, which is a direct reflection of your brands image!

Keeping Your Signage Clean

Over time, outdoor signage is prone to accumulating dust and grime, which can diminish its overall appearance. Regular cleaning is key to maintaining signs that are consistently eye-catching and appear new. To clean the signage, use a soft cloth and a mild detergent to wipe down the signs. For more challenging spots that are harder to reach, a gentle spray of water can effectively refresh the sign’s appearance.

Cleaning Window Decals

Window decals serve as a great way to attract attention to your storefront and convey essential information like store hours. However, for them to be truly effective, it’s crucial to ensure they stay in good condition and remain easily readable.

The recommended method for cleaning window decals involves a gentle hand wash using a basic soap mixture. Utilizing a squeegee or power washer is not advised, as these can peel off the decals. Additionally, harsh chemicals should be avoided, as they can potentially damage the decals.

Cleaning Aluminum Signage

Although aluminum signage is more durable against the elements compared to many other materials, it still requires maintenance to retain its pristine appearance. Regular cleaning is key to ensuring your signs remain bright, shiny, and eye catching!

To clean an aluminum sign effectively, use a solution of slightly soapy water and a soft cotton cloth. It’s essential to avoid using anything stronger, as harsh chemicals can rapidly degrade the material and cause damage to the sign.

Remove Obstructions

During the winter, trees and shrubs often become overgrown, making it challenging to see certain signage. Understandably, trimming shrubs in cold weather isn’t the most appealing task. However, with the arrival of nicer weather, it becomes crucial to tidy up around your signs, ensuring they are easily visible as more people venture outdoors!