Spice Up Your Food Truck with New Signage

Spice Up Your Food Truck with New Signage 150 150 84 Sign Shop

Summer is upon us, which means warm weather and sunny days. Everyone will be anticipating their local food trucks. Why are food trucks popular? We are a nation of instant gratification and precious time; everyone is always on the go or in a hurry. Food trucks offer a variety of diverse foods in a short amount of time. Food trucks started as covered wagons and have now evolved into high-quality, colorful restaurants on wheels. Stay up to-to-date with advancing your truck by creating and designing custom vehicle wraps, signs, banners, prints, and menus for your truck to get your customers’ attention! Marketing and visibility are just as important as the food!

Here are some tips to have the best food truck on the block:

Vehicle wraps and graphics

  • You want your food truck to stand out as much as possible amongst your competition. We specialize in vehicle wraps and decals! We do a variety of different wraps and provide full or partial wraps, fleet graphics, decals, magnets, or even full color changes.

Make your food truck menu easy to read

  • On a hot, summer day, don’t make customers work too hard reading the menu! Make it as easy as possible to read with bold, big lettering, and vibrant colors. Our banners and signage will be perfect to display your menu and info on your food truck! Our staff can customize the design of the menus to your liking.

Create options to increase customer satisfaction

  • If you have customers wanting more, have multiple mini menus for them to take on the go! We offer a wide range of small format printing services. There are many options for the paper used as well. If you want the menu to last longer, go with a thicker, substantial sheet of paper, so your customers may have the menu as long as they please to. Also, we offer business cards to hand out your contact info and stickers to extend your brand.