Mastering the Art of Typography: Tips for Eye-Catching Text

Mastering the Art of Typography: Tips for Eye-Catching Text 150 150 84 Sign Shop

Arguably one of the most important elements of your project is the typography, which is the fonts, colors, and text sizes you choose. Typography has the power to pull the reader in and make your printed project stand out. In this blog post you will find tips on how to ensure that the text of your project is eye-catching and effective.

Choosing the Right Fonts

Font choice is incredibly important for any project, especially for those that are printed. Fonts can be eye catching and grab attention, but also can end up being distracting if used incorrectly. The rule of thumb is to use no more than three total fonts on a project. Generally speaking, serif fonts pair well with sans serif fonts. It also is important to consider the purpose of what you are printing. If it is a Save the Date for a wedding, the font choices will be more elaborate than if you are printing a business card.

Consider the Font Size

When thinking about font size, it is important to think about the objective of your project. If you are printing a banner, the text is going to be a lot larger than if you are printing a brochure or restaurant menu. Large text is going to catch the eye first, therefore make this the most important, such as a call to action.

The Important of a Test Print

No matter how much thought you put into the typography of a project, you will not know how everything will look until the project is printed out. We suggest printing a test of your project so that you can ensure that font sizes are legible, the spacing is correct, and the fonts mesh well together. This will save you time and money in the long run and will limit the risk of having to re-do the project.

Creating eye-catching print material starts with strong typography! Our team of designers is here to assist you with your project and can provide helpful tips to ensure that your project is easy to read and stands out amongst the competition.